Top 10 Reasons to Make Your Next Trip


Number 10:

every city has something special to offer. We know this statement is true of countless countries around the world. Every city has its own culture, peculiarities, and quirks, but rarely will you find more variety in your travel experience then when navigating Turkey. Istanbul manages to strike a careful balancing act here, the nation's millennia's worth of history is on full display. And yet it also feels undeniably modern antalya a go-to coastal destination is your quintessential beachfront getaway. It's commonly referred to as the Turkish Riviera while the beauty of the coastline is the primary draw. Its old town adds a sense of romance izmir. By contrast it is all about luxury from the hotels to nightlife and shopping borsa. feels like a living Testament to the past while gaziantep is a must visit for foodies. 

Number 9:

Good value. What's better than jumping from one utterly distinct city to the next, doing it for a fraction of what you'd expect to spend doing the same elsewhere. Frugal travelers can get by comfortably on as little as $25 per day. Though, most people will spend closer to 50 or $75 in order to see and do everything Turkey has to offer mid-range. Multi-course meals are only about $6 apiece while public transport is less than a dollar shopping. However, is a different story. Obviously we're not talking about the ultra-modern Turkish shopping and cultural scene here, but in certain sectors because the tourism industry is well developed, it's not uncommon for merchants to try to overcharge you. Haggling is also part of the heritage of Turkish culture as such. It's important to brush up on your negotiation skills before doing any shopping or you'll risk overspending all throughout your trip. 

Number 8:

the local culture dealing with overly assertive merchants can be off-putting for first-time visitors to Turkey, but that's just the way they do things. As you explore the country. You'll also quickly come to realize that the Turkish people are among the world's most hospitable and courteous. The aforementioned haggling, depending on the business, it'll likely take place over tea. After striking up a conversation with a local, you may even find yourself invited to dinner and such social niceties are just the tip of the cultural iceberg. Turkey is a land of rich traditions from shisha and hamams, Turkish bathhouses to music and art. There's a wealth of experiences to be observed and or lived while modern day Turkey has all the conveniences. You might expect it owes its unparalleled wealth of cultural traditions to the Ottoman empire.

Number 7:

adventure activities with so much to do and see in the various Turkish cities, you could easily spend a few weeks simply walking around marveling at the sounds sights and smells moving beyond the city limits. However, you find a very different side to Turkey, a land of adventure tailor suited to outdoor enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies. There's no better way to see colors of Olu Dennis than from the aerial view of a paraglider because the Turkish landscape is so diverse and so much of it remains undeveloped there's ample opportunity for hiking, white water rafting, mountain biking, and rock climbing in the Cappadocia region. A hot air balloon ride is a must-do experience along the coast. In addition to various water sports, scuba diving is a popular activity, especially in the shipwrecks of Gallipoli.

Number 6:

the natural beauty, however you choose to approach Turkey's varied landscape. Just make sure you give yourself plenty of time to see as much of it as you can. We'll talk about the country's much vaunted coastline a little later, but there are equally countless inland natural wonders to appreciate. The uuluda mountains are stunning, but Mount ararat is the country's tallest peak. The country's volcanic past has given birth to thermal Springs throughout the country. Turkey's most stunning and iconic natural wonder. However is pamukkale here. The mineral-rich Spring water has painstakingly crafted a breathtaking otherworldly environment over the course of some 14,000 years from floodplain forests and ancient trees to the breathtaking waterfalls and Picturesque crater lakes, Turkey boasts countless natural gems, just waiting to be explored. 

Number 5:

the cuisine Turkey's culinary reputation precedes as a civilization at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and the middle east. It draws on a number of neighboring cultures, including its own Ottoman roots, who themselves borrowed from the Egyptians, Greeks and Balkans while kabobs are the first thing that comes to mind. This rich culinary heritage is far more complex than most people realize here, meat, cheese, fruits, and vegetables come together in powerful spice mixtures to create dishes that are as much a feast for the eyes as your stomach and taste buds must try dishes include Monty, a stuffed pasta. Meze a platter of various small dishes gurs lemeh, savory stuffed crepes, and kuzu tandoor lamb cooked using a specific clay oven technique among many others. And we haven't even gotten into the regional specialties or coastal seafood equally enticing are the famous tea and coffee of Turkey.

Number 4:

beaches and coastline with over 5,200 miles of coastline. Turkey is spoiled when it comes to beaches and given that it touches the black sea, the Mediterranean and the aegean sea there is a significant amount of variation guaranteeing a beach to suit every type of traveler. When the coastline takes a break from beaches it's instead characterized by breathtaking cliffs and Rocky monoliths, whether you're looking for the classic resort experience or a private Cove to call your own for an afternoon, Turkey's got just the stretch of sand to fit the bill though. It can admittedly get pretty crowded in peak season. Turkey's famous blue lagoon in oldness Moolah lives up to its reputation. Is it any wonder that people flock to these calm and possibly clear brightly colored waters? The area is stunning. 

Number 3:

the markets and bazaars intimidating as it might be to haggle with the merchants. You owe it to yourself to experience these world famous shopping spaces for yourself. We guarantee that it'll take a while to get your bearings, let alone do any real shopping. Turkey as a whole is often noted as being a rich and vibrant nation that stimulates all the senses at once. Nowhere. However, is this more true than in the many open-air markets and historic bazaars stall after stall of vendors each with their own unique wares blend together to create an environment that needs to be lived to be understood istanbul’s grand Bazaar is the most famous of the bunch, but there are numerous such shopping areas throughout the country from dishware and linens to dried fruit and towering piles of brightly colored spices the bazaars  have got it all. 

Number 2:

historical sites. Turkey has 18 UNESCO world heritage sites and countless other cultural attractions that are well worth exploring. As you navigate the countries, many cities, towns, villages, and archeological sites. You're apt to stumble upon one piece of history after another. It's the nature of the area modern day Turkey has played host to numerous civilizations spanning thousands of years. A few of them among the most ambitious and architecturally accomplished of their time. Forget about a top 10. We could easily do the top 50 historical attractions in Turkey. Some of the highlights, however, include the iconic site of Troy, the advocate fortress, the great mosque and hospital of de vries And of course the blue mosque and aya Sophia Turkey is also home to the ancient Greek city of Ephesus, where you'll find a plethora of fascinating ruins, including the third century temple of afro-odysseus.

Number 1:

cappadocia is there a place on earth more beautiful than cappadocia? That's the question for another articles. What we can say with certainty, however, is that you've never been to another area quite like it. The historic region located in central Anatolia is like something out of a fairy tale. Show it to someone unfamiliar with the popular destination. And they might assume that it's a CGI environment from a sci-fi or fantasy film geologically unique not to mention fascinating cappadocia’s Rocky landscape looks as if it's the work of a sculptor, the sky above the towering rock formations and historic caves is often full of hot air balloons, further adding to the overall sense of whimsy. This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to see the landscape, but however you approach it, cappadocia never fails to leave a lasting impression on all those who visit. Do you agree with our picks, check out this other recent clip from Visa-Turkish. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Turkey

When is the best season for visiting Turkey?
Basically everything depends on your taste, but in my personal opinion, the best time will range between April to late may and also from late September to the beginning of November. This way, the weather is very nice and also the prices are more affordable than during the summer as well. We do not recommend a comment Turkey during the big holidays for Turkish citizens. This includes the last days for the remedies and also for the sacrifices. And because during this holiday is usually the locals that they tend to go to some other touristic sites, uh, to celebrate with their families. And the places are very crowded as well. The airfare tickets within the city will dramatically increase. And also the accommodation is Turkey safe. 

Yes, in general, Turkey is a very safe country to travel to. If you're coming with a family with friends, or only as a solid traveler, also as a female, you don't have to worry about anything. Of course, as in any other country, we have to have those precautions just in case. If we are going out to have some dreams, we don't have to accept dreams for any strangers. And if you're going to any crowded place, it, we just need to be aware of our belongings, just in case for those pickpockets, eh, around the area,

what are the best places to stay in Istanbul Turkey?
Well, basically there are three main areas. The first one I will recommend Sultana mat in this area, you will find the most recent attractions because basically is it history called peninsula? You can as well consider the nearby little districts in Sultana mat, which are in Chamberlain,, and everything will be within walking distance.

The second one will be taxing in the gala to the tower. Although this area, it's a bit more noisy and active, especially at night. Also, this will offer you very good rates for accommodation and as well. It is very well connected to many other areas. And the last one will be the category. This one is on the Asian side of Istanbul, but many travelers. They also decide to go and look for something more local with more affordable prices, even though it is on the Asian side of Istanbul is very easy to go to, to the European side, such as tenement or taxi because the ferry takes only 20 minutes about what hostel hotel or even Airbnb is the best one to stay at. Well, unfortunately I don't have exact information about that, but my best recommendation is to go personally and check them online. Why? Because everything depends on the budget that we have. And also depending on the season, the prices tend to increase or decrease. You can check online on these pages, such as hotels, or, Expedia, Airbnb, and 

What is the best way of going to take up a Nokia from Istanbul?
Well, basically everything depends on the time you have for traveling in Turkey and also on your budget. The first one will be by plane for this, we will recommend you looking for ever tickets and their prices in Pegasus airlines, or even Turkish airlines. The two airports that you can arrive to will be one, one inertia here. And the other one in case city, in case study, you can get transfers, eh, even you can get them from the hotels and they will take you directly to government. And the second option will be by bus. Although it's a very long trip, you have to take an overnight bus and it will take around 10 to 12 hours, but it will take you directly from Istanbul to get a, and the prices are almost the same. 

Sometimes you can get even cheaper airfare tickets than the bus tickets for the buses. I will recommend you looking either inertia here, say a hat company or Cammie coach. These are the best bus companies in Turkey, and I have used them and I will never change them.

Do I have to cover interrogate?
The answer is no. Remember that Turkey, it's a secular country and therefore the women don't have to cover their bodies or hair unless the, we are visiting a most or any religious places. If you're going on the street, if you come here during the summer, you will see many local Turkish women and also for trainers even wearing miniskirts insurance. So that way you don't have to worry.

What are the most visited places in Turkey?
First of all, we have Istanbul. Then we have a capital can region as well. is needed for the F for the Fs. And during the summer, the best places are or Antalya and fattier. 

What are the most important in Turkey?
And the most celebrated holidays here in Turkey, those ones are the Ramadan month and the sacrifice holiday. Remember that every year it changes because it depends on their calendar. So if you're a traveling during that period here to Turkey, let me tell you that you will experience a very nice environment here in the country. And if you're trying to get to know more about the Muslim culture, it's a great opportunity for that. Now consider that if you are traveling during that season, everything will be more crowded and the prices will dramatically increase. But also I have received the, a, this question a lot that if they are traveling during the Ramadan, if everything will be closed, that the answer is no everything. Especially in the most realistic, uh, places in, in cities, everything keeps working. Normally the next one is

How much money do you need to travel to Istanbul Turkey?

Everything as well, depends on the activities you're planning on doing and on your budget. Remember that we already have a video where we are showing you a very low budgets, eh, day trip here in Istanbul. So fortunately the city at least assemble, it's a city, which is very budget friendly, and it could be as cheap as you want, or as expensive as you wish. So everything depends on each one of us is to be obligatory in Turkey. No it isn't. But if you want to give a tip, you can give the 10% as well. Some restaurants in the country, they already include that percent in their bills is the visa for Turkey, more expensive. If we get it at the airport, remember that everything depends on your nationality. We already have a video here on our channel. We are explaining all these details, eh, how to check, how much do you have to pay if you get it at the airport, depending on your nationality. 

And for those who can apply via online, also depending on their nationality, you will, uh, it will have a cost or maybe it could be even for free. So I will invite you. We will leave the link here under the description box, and you can check it there.

Where can I get a SIM card for my holidays in Turkey?

Well, basically there are three main companies where you can buy a SIM card from, and these companies are called upon to telecom. And Turkcell in my personal opinion, I will definitely recommend you buying it from Turkcell. This one, the service is great and is the one I am using right now. You can find a different prices. They will range in between 150 Turkish. Liras up to 200 and everything depends on the jig abides and your preferences. And you can find them inside the airport and also in the most touristic area, such as Taksim as autonomous, there are a little locals or a stance where you can go and activate them.

Should I travel on my own or with a travel agency?

Well, for this one, remember that also everything depends on our preferences. In my personal opinion, I will do it on my own. I love traveling on my own, organizing all my itinerary. That way. Also, you will save a lot of money and you will be able to enjoy each one of the places you are visiting on your own rhythm. You don't have to be rushing, or maybe sometimes you would like to change a, your plan and go somewhere else and you can freely do it, but there are some other people who would like to, to come to any other country, including Turkey, with everything organized and fixed. And that is not bad. You can also doing, uh, do, you can also do it. If your budget is a bit more, 

it's a difficult traveling to Turkey without knowing English or Turkish.

 The answer is no, there is not a problem. If you don't know either English or the local language, which is Turkish in the most realistic cities, or even places in every, in every site, most of the people, they will speak English and even Spanish, also Russian, Chinese. So all the people will help you, even though if you're going to the more local areas, and if you cannot find someone who speaks English, they will try to help you and to understand we with you. So you don't have to worry about that. About the language barrier. All the locals will, will try to help you. 

Somehow, these were the most frequently asked questions that we receive from our followers through our social media. Don't forget that if you have some other question that we didn't cover in this video, you can write them here. 


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